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Acceptence a.jpg


Flowers are one of the most beautiful creation of God. I paint flowers to keep myself in sync with the nature. Flowers provide me the bridge to connect with reality. The message I want to convey with my paintings is be hopeful and have faith in dark times.

mother earth.jpg


We are all connected to mother earth, we get love shelter home and power through mother nature. May we all be deeply rooted to it.

joy of life.jpg


Abstract expressionism for me is painting of pure thought and emotion. I want it to be interpreted by the viewer as they bring their perspective to it. No matter how different people are, in my paintings, they can find something that speaks to their inner selves.

31days of minipainting.jpg

31 Days of Mini-Paintings

Creatives and artists all over the world take part in some project using it as a prompt to create something every day. I have done #31daysofminipaintings. I entered in this project to give myself a window to create an artwork daily and hoping myself growing as an artist.

spirirual painting.jpg


Spirituality is about finding your purpose and what your soul desires. My paintings talk about my experiences with divine power. A part of my soul is embedded in these paintings.

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