A self-taught artist originally from India, now based in Israel, I am an intuitive artist, capturing the emotions and my thoughts about life on canvas.

I believe one can express themselves through art to either find themselves again or to understand their own state of mind or just release what they are holding on to.


Born in India, I have been exposed to value systems, varied cultures, emotions, drama and action. This palate of elements adds an oomph factor when I paint and am not scared of going wild, excessive or emotional in my art.

  I love Mark Rothko's work and I  try to get close to his work in my own ways. He expresses his subconscious and inner world in chaotic and abstract forms. As he was mainly interested  in expressing basic human emotions. I started my journey from a very basic thing too "to express myself through my art''.



People who love my work connect deeply to it as they feel the depth of similar emotions floating in them as well. Whether it is taking sessions to help people release unexpressed emotions if they feel stuck, or creating an artwork, my paintings generally give a strong sense of hope that you want to take away home with you.


My purpose is to motivate as many souls to interact with colour and express themselves to keep going on smoothly in their lives. I believe colours and strokes have a story to tell which sometimes we ourselves don’t know.

I also work with watercolour and calligraphy is a new love for me. 

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