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I am an intuitive abstract artist. Born and raised in India, I now call Israel my home. When I’m working in my studio, my process of playing and discovering takes me on an incredibly serene journey. I truly think of my artwork as an expression of my subconscious, as though another world exists inside me. I’m interested in evoking an emotion that will take viewers of my work to that same place, to their often unattended INNER SELVES.

I am reinventing myself through my art, learning to be freer, to surrender. I often chose materials that help me to reinvent my work as well. I love to collage parts of old books into my paintings, and I’m drawn to ways to use textures and scratchy lines to reveal the decisions I’ve made - the “history“ of a piece. Some of my most creative breakthroughs happen when I’m challenged by a painting and uncertain about taking it next. I’ve learned to see those challenges as opportunities because so often, they give me permission to be bold and make surprisingly beautiful new marks.

Painting is like a homecoming for my soul. I am so grateful to call myself an artist.


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170/2, Technion -Haifa, Israel

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