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Far Far away in the universe there is a planet named Earth,

which was so beautiful and abundant that we killed it for our own sake...
I have painted many paintings of the universe as I was so mesmerized by its beauty,

but I never knew that I would end up making this one.

If we can just think a bit deeper and ask ourselves,
What is happening? Why is Mother earth bleeding?
Is it okay to kill ? be it for taste of mouth or taste of eyes.
Is it okay to butcher the environment by making havoc using plastic and throw it in the sea?

Don't we realise what would happen to marine life?
I am not here to tell you what to do and what not! It is only food for thought.
We scratched and scratched and now it's unbeatable and bleeding on touch..
The earth must not BLEED, because We do not kill the womb that gives us birth and nurture us.


The Earth Bleed a.JPG


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